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(Music) Download Kenny K'ore - Believe||dailygospelvibes

(Music) Download Kenny K'ore - Believe||dailygospelvibes

kenny K' ore is a spirit inspired gospel minister, always realising good christian songs for you.. He is here again with another good hit track titled K'ORE-BELIEVE.

k'ore is still and always good in terms of composing good gospel songs. Believe is a song that will encourage you to believe in God. Believe, Anticipate and Download.


Saturday, 3 September 2016

Benefits Of Righteousness And Holiness

Benefits Of Righteousness And Holiness

How do you develop the supernatural the covenant power of will to do the right things that pleases God rather than the things that pleases yourself?...
Facts About Righteousness And Holiness : Two Different Things

Righteousness has to do with your relationship with humanity, while Holiness is your relationship with God.

The first step is by spending time in the word of God and in fervent prayer. Romans 8:5 says it this way : For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh, but they that are after the spirit, do mind the things of the spirit.

If you want to build and grow physically and build big muscles, you have to spend time lifting weights and physical things to build those muscles; if you want to grow spiritually, you will have to spend time doing spiritual things.

Working with God in his word, by the power of that word the Holy Spirit will separate you not only from sin, but also from unnecessary things of life. He will impact  you the spiritual might and grace you need to obey the instructions in Ephesians 4:22-24.

Righteousness and holiness are two different things Ephesians 4:22-24 says; strip yourselves from your former nature put off and discard your old unrenewed self which characterised your previous manner of life and becomes corrupt through lust and desires that spring from delusion; And be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind – having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude; And put on the nature (the regenerated self) created in God’s image (Godlike) in true righteousness and holiness.
This verse tell us that being JUST is the right standing with God you gained when you were born again. The only thing you did to be made righteous was to make Jesus Christ the lord of your life.
Holiness is the result of your choices. It’s what you do with your time and your actions. It’s your conduct. It comes when you make a decision of your WILL to live according to the precept of the LORD. Being holy is doing things that please the father.

Holiness is to be “sanctified and meet for the master’s use” 2 timothy 2:21. Sanctified means “set apart”. Set apart from what? From the world! God wants us to be so caught up in spiritual activities that we lose interest in carnal activities and pursue His kingdom with all our heart. He wants us to live holy.  Time with Him separate us to him.

Being wholly dedicated to God is your reasonable service. It’s not something above and beyond the call of duty. God expects us all to live holy. He says, “Be holy; for i am holy” 1 peter 1:16. Such a life require us to make some sacrifice. It will cause us to suffer the fresh.

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5 Secrets In The Bible You Need  To Know :The Self Help Holy Book.

5 Secrets In The Bible You Need To Know :The Self Help Holy Book.

secrets from the bible

The Self help holy book called Bible is a book where all knowledge and wisdom are found; this bible is a holy book for knowing and understanding our spiritual and heavenly father (God).

God is holy
God is sinless
God is pure

  • What You Expect To Know From The Bible

1. Knowing the mind of God: How can you know the mind of God?, OK let me answer this; you can know the mind of God when you have an encounter with him through the holy spirit, and you can only encounter God when you are drawing close to him by studying and meditating on his word written by inspiration in the Self help holy book called Bible.

2. The State of man: What are we in the sight of God?. What God expect from man. Our heavenly father created us in his own image to be a small god and dominate the earth.

We are workers of God in his vineyard; read Matthew 20 :1. God expect us to work for him in his vineyard.

  • How can you work in his vineyard?
I.Pray and discover your life purpose, i mean your life assignment; And work towards it.

II.By reading,studying and meditating on the word of God.

3. The way of Salvation: Free gifts of salvation. How can we be saved. Read Roman 3: 24. What is the free gifts of salvation? The free gifts of salvation is our redemption from sin. Roman 3:24 Says “ And all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that can by Christ Jesus. Jesus is the way of Salvation; follow him and you will be saved.

4. Doom of Sinners: Remember, the Self help holy book made us to understand that the wages of sin is death. Sin ceases you from praying, and prayer ceases you from sinning. Romans 6:23 says “ for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus of lord. Dead to sin, alive in Christ.

The choice is yours. Read this at your comfort Zone: Revelation 20:15, John 3:36. If you don’t have a bible kindly get yours here tomorrow maybe too late. Remember salvation is not for baby Christians; you must know the word of our heavenly father to overcome the temptations of sin. “Get your Bible Today.

5. Faith and Belief: I believe in miracle, and there is never a day of miracle, but there is a God of miracle. Who do you believe? I belief i serve a living God. How did i know? By making use of the Self help holy book.

 The people who have read and meditated on God’s word have already gotten the secrets of abundance grace. You read the Self help holy book to build faith. Without faith its impossible to please God.

Faith is the master key to attract God’s attention. Remember you will be tested. I normally ask this question “Have you Read”. John 3:36.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Three Proven Ways To Build Supernatural Success Through The Word Of Life

Three Proven Ways To Build Supernatural Success Through The Word Of Life

Three Proven Ways To Build Supernatural Success Through The Word Of Life

Get ready for a mind blowing secrets; i have a direct question for you? How much do you want to progress and succeed in life? Don’t be in a hurry to answer this question.

For some time now, i have come across some people who have discovered the formula for supernatural success and achievement, but fail to utilize it while they stay stagnated and defeated. 

Some people think that supernatural success is made easy for those who are gifted with great natural abilities.

The reality of it is that real supernatural success is no picnic for anyone, it takes faith, it takes courage; And it doesn't have anything at all do with natural ability.

Most of us may have tried and failed with every formula in the book. And you have concluded you don’t have what it takes to succeed; if that's what you have concluded in your mind, you haven’t tried the formula in God’s Book.

The great thing about God’s success formula; is that its not  based on your natural abilities, it’s based on God’s abilities.

Supernatural success does not qualify you by natural abilities, you may be inadequate in a dozen ways, but the God who is with you is more than enough.

You have to meet the scriptural requirement before you can operate in supernatural grace for success and achievement. It takes courage to stand on God’s word and once you make the decision to do it, you will be ready to activate God’s three-part formula for success and achievement.

  • Three (3) Simples Steps Directly From The Mouth Of God: For Supernatural Success

These formulas for success is the formula that enabled Joshua to conquer the land of Canaan and bring Israel to its inheritance. Read them carefully one by one.

1. Formula For Success Step One(1) : The book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth. This is the first formula for supernatural success. Talk the word, when you’re continually talking what His promises are, you’re going to be growing in faith because you’re hearing the word from yourself all the time.

You activities determines your result, if you are focusing most of your attention on natural things e.g going to the movies, thinking about secular things, worrying about your family and relationship then that's what is going to be in your heart. And that's what you’re going to be talking about.

To change whats proceeding out of your mouth, you must refocus your attention. Turn it towards God’s word and keep it there.

2. Formula For Success Step Two (2) : Mediate on God’s word day and night. When you mediate on God’s word for supernatural success, you’re going to do more than just read it. You’re going to take it into your heart in very personal way and apply it to your own situation. Talk the word which is the solution and not the problem.

Caution: If you’ve been reading the Holy Bible like a history or your research book, make a change and begin to see it as God talking directly to you. Take time to mediate on it.
3. Formula For Success Step Three (3) : The final formula for supernatural success involves action. 
You must act as though the word you have been talking and “meditating” is true even when the situation seem to say otherwise. It is not what you know that will bring you through in victory; it’s what you do that will make you supernaturally success.

Finally, if you’ve been wanting good success and it’s been eluding you, quit wondering whether you have what it takes to advance and remember instead who is with you. Then turn to the word of God and put God’s Success formula to work in your life for supernatural success. Start talking it. Start meditating it. Start acting it. And you won’t be chasing success... it will be chasing you.

(Music) Download Lara George - A New Day Mp3

(Music) Download Lara George - A New Day Mp3

Lara George secrets to singing

Lara George is here again with another hot gospel song titled A New Day. This song is a song that talks about a new day, giving all the thanks to God in different languages. This song really moves God to action and keep you dancing all day. Anticipate and Download, enjoy and share with friends and family.

Listen And Download


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(Music) Download Lara George - High Spirits (Higher) Mp3||dailygospelvibes

(Music) Download Lara George - High Spirits (Higher) Mp3||dailygospelvibes

Lara George songs

Another mind blowing gospel song from this sensational gospel singer Lara George - High Spirit (Higher); from the Dansaki Album. This song keeps my spirit going higher and refreshed. Download, enjoy and with your friends and family.

Her Song is sure to draw people to Christ through her spirit inspired gospel lyrics. Anticipate and get this gospel song to your playlist.

Listen And Download below


(Music) Solomon Lange Ft. Sammie Okposo - You Are Worthy Mp3 ||

(Music) Solomon Lange Ft. Sammie Okposo - You Are Worthy Mp3 ||

Naija Gospel Song

Wow anticipate and download this song that will keep you dancing and replaying by Solomon Lange And Sammie Okposo - You Are worthy Mp3

Put on your dancing Shoe and dance for the lord.......Professional Collaboration, I can't stop listening to this gospel song from these two great gospel singers.
Listen And Download Below

Download mp3

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(Music)  Darwin Hobbs - Crosswalk Mp3 ||

(Music) Darwin Hobbs - Crosswalk Mp3 ||

audio music and Songs

Crosswalk is a gospel song that will draw you back to God, it is not just a music but a spirit filled Music. Lyrics for Crosswalk I'll pick up my cross and and i'll follow him alive in the spirit Im dead to sin it may cost my life in the very end....

Listen And Download Crosswalk - Darwin Hobbs below


(Music) Deitrick Haddon - Stand Still Mp3 ||

(Music) Deitrick Haddon - Stand Still Mp3 ||

Deitrick Haddon album

Anticipate and Download this God inspiring worship Song. Sing a new song to the lord today. Stand still is a great and solid content song that you will always put on replay. God is always ready to hear you worship Him in a new song.

Listen And Download Deitrick Haddon - Stand still blelow


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Friday, 1 July 2016

The Covenant Power of Decision Making  (Problem Solving)

The Covenant Power of Decision Making (Problem Solving)

In this fast paced generation, decision  makers are the super star. In other words, you can't live above average if you are not a decision maker.

If you want to  progress and advance in your life dream, you will have to be good in decision making. One of the benefit of this strategy is that it leads to the fulfilment and advancement of your life dream. You will crawl in life if you lack this great potential.

Advancement and progress starts with a decision you made to go forward! the level you are today is a product of your choice yesterday.
The Covenant Power of Decision Making For Porgress
Image Courtesy/flickr

When you make a judgement concerning your life dream and goals as to what you want and which way to go in life, you naturally accomplish your goals as such, you make progress.

It is a proven facts that your  choice determines your activities, and your activities in turn form your future.

Spiritually,  your decision moves heaven on your behalf. until you have decided! God doesn't go into action for you. when your mind is set, your inner being connect with God for divine understanding which generates divine light, thereby giving you the inspiration you need to make the right choice.

It is in the process of engaging your mind in quality  decision making that you gain access to the help of the Holy Spirit. A man's choice is what links him with great fortunes.

                         Three Arm OF Decision Making

1. Give Your Life Shape: No destiny is fulfilled without a choice, dream is realised with a strong decision to work it out. You can't shape your desired life; if you are not a decision maker.

Those stagnated areas of your life are only waiting for a quality judgement from you before they begin to take shape and yield result for you.

2. Accept Responsibility: You must be ready to take responsibility for your choice and bear the consequences of the same. That is the mark of maturity! the task of decision making is a responsibility you must carry.

The highest placed men in every society are the decision makers. until you are ready to accept the responsibility of decision making, you cannot be a leader; though God has said you shall be the head and not the tail.

We all have the seed of greatness in us, but it is the responsibility of our choice that creates a good channel for the release of your innate abilities.

Your decision making determines your individuality and your individuality determines the uniqueness of the fruit you bear. But the truth is this, until you stand out you don't become outstanding.

3. Take Risk: Until you take risk, you will never move forward. Many are so careful that they become careless. Nothing pays you until it has cost you.

There is no great achievement without some great risk. If you decide to go with God, no matter the risk you will contact his quickening power which will propel you into a life of consistent progress.

                       How To Make A Decision

The journey to decision making starts with thinking. But there is pure different between thinking and worrying. when you engage in resourceful thinking, you will encounter several options and workable ideas that provide answers to the issue at hand. And when you settle for one of the options or idea, it becomes your decision.

When your thinking is not tied to a decision it becomes futile. The beauty of your mind is your decision, it's one thing to think and another thing to make a choice.

You must take steps in the direction of your decision. The process is think, decide and then act upon the choice you have made.

Every genuine decision is backed up with immediate action. Your action is the most authentic proof of your choice. Until you decide to act, it is assumed that you have not decided and until you decided, you have nothing to show for your thinking.

Also, you must learn to remain consistent with your choice.

Successful people are quick decision makers but they are also slow to change their decision, because they believe that there is light and life in what they have chosen to do.

                   Raw Material And Facts For Decision Making

Information is the raw facts for decision makers, if you lack it, you will remain indecisive, but if you go after information you will never be short of making the right choice.

If you fill yourself with the word of God, you will not lack word based decision.

If you take time to read the biographies of men who have succeeded, you will not lack secrets that will take you to success.

Facts helps decision making, when you are filled with facts, it become's a natural thing to you. The more information you have, the bolder you become to defy excuses and take giant steps toward your goal.

The reason some people make decisions but neither act on them is because they lack confidence. To make a choice and not be able to act on it is as good as indecision. That is what will happen when you lack adequate information.

Take Steps Now! Make Your Decision And Step To The Top.

 The Secrets To The Covenant Of Progress : The Pillars Of An Outstanding Life

The Secrets To The Covenant Of Progress : The Pillars Of An Outstanding Life

The progress is already laid for you in his word. And the word covenant means that you have a sacrifice to pay; you must fulfil the scriptural requirement before you can process what has been provided for you to progress.
 The Secret To The Covenant Of Progress : The Pillars Of An Outstanding Life

Let me ask you this question; what is progress? in your own understanding. To me, Progress is a positive change of position or making your today better than your yesterday.

Progress can be measured and calculated; which means it is a remarkable advancement and developement. it is the measure or rate of your change that defines your progress.

Pastor David Abioye revealed this secret to me in his book titled "Overcoming Stagnation", if people can't see or witness your progress, then it is not true progress. He also said progress is moving from where you are to where you ought to  be per time. Life is in phases.

Please ask yourself this life changing question, "Am i really getting closer to the aims and goals that i set before me or not?".

To a great extent, influence and impact are the true measure of progress. it is not in noise making.

                               Progress Is Initiated
The word progress has life and can  be initiated, sometimes when you don't do it by yourself, some external forces will push you forward.

It may take an insult from a landlord to force you to take steps to build your own house. It is better to initiate progress for yourself than wait for circumstances to push you.

When you don't make progress, even people who used to love you will begin to dislike you. They may mean it for evil, but in God's programme, it is for your good and well being. Remember God is a Perfect planner.

When you see adverse situation pressing you down, it is a sign that your season of advancement and self growth is close by because it is adversity that leads to advancement.

                    Due For Advancment And Self Growth
Standards are changing everyday. your success of yesteryears cannot match the standards of today.; which means, yesteryear's success, if it is not empasized it will become today's failure.

God is a good organizer, if you are operating in his covenant, when you are due for an advancement and you don't move, He organizes some 'heat' around you to  forcefully move you forward. When you don't move, those behind you will get tired of you and overtake you. "overtake is allowed".

The reason why you are not progressing is because you refuse to move when you ought to.

If you don't like failure, you have the power to change and transform it to success but it begins with the mind. Once you can begin to think of a way out; the process of initiating change has begun. 

As you do that, you will never lack ideas of the next step to take, because ideas will dwell in the womb of initiation and initiation is the first step towards change and progress.

                           The Covenant Of Progress
The covenant of progress improves your mentality and plants you infront and others to line up behind you.

Another thing about the covenant of progress is that the past is not permitted to be better than the present. God is always speaking progressively. In Isaiah 43:18, He said, "Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing.

When you understand your covenant position, you will realise that the enemy can't stop you.

People don't envy man for nothing the only envy someone who is obviously far ahead of them.

             How To Take Part In The Covenant Of Progresss
ISAAC: A Case Study Of Progress
The story of Isaac one of our covenant father, is a practical example of progress. He was loaded with virtue. The Bible says, He waxed great and grew until he became very  great. That means he gathered greatness. And then it says, he went forward, not backward, which implies that greatness is definable.

                             How To Be Progressive
1. Take steps to show that you agree with what God has said.

2. Stay committed to what you have behind by giving it all it takes to make it a reality. This is how to programme your way up.

3. Behave like a king and appear as person of honour and dignity, even before you become great.

Pastor David Abioye, Said in his meditation, He concluded that greatness is not a state, rather it is an attitude. When you see a young person, you can tell whether he has the culture of greatness in him  by the way he programmed his life.

                           Facts About Greatness
1. You don't suddenly become great, you grow in greatness.

2. You practice greatness by building up an attitude for it.

3. Greatness is a seed that you keep nurturing, fertilizing and developing till you come into limelight.

4. As you keep practicing it, you keep progressing and moving from one level of greatness to another. This is why you must teach your children to think and behave great right from their youth.

                                        Seek God First
What you seek determines your direction in life. You will always go in the same direction with whatever you are running after. if you seek the most high, you will always go high. 

Progress does not require advertisement and publicity, it speaks by itself. when you are progressing, everybody will know.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Seven Secrets To Great Life Dream Friendship

Seven Secrets To Great Life Dream Friendship

Seven Secrets To Great Life Dream Friendship

In life we need friends to progress, to be strong, to be great, to achieve our life dreams. we need friends to help us reach our full potentials and encourage us in achieving our destiny dreams. we need them to reach so high and keep going till we reach to our destination.

Friendship require maintenance, you have to "Feed" your friend,"Pet" them, "Clean" them up and "Doctor" them. If you don't, they'll "Die"

In fact, friendship are a lot like money: They're easier made than kept. If you've ever had a friend who just drifted away, you know that. If you you've ever watched a relationship fizzle, you've learnt this the hard way.

All of us, at one time or another, experience difficulties in our friendship.

And these days, with the average American family to a new home every five years, things aren't getting any easier on the friendship front.

Over the last few weeks, i can't count how many have told me that friendship have made their lives rich. yet many lament the fact that they wish those friendship were better.

So How Do We Keep Our Friendships Growing?
How Can We Be A Better Friend?
Perhaps, you along with others reading Promarketingbrand Article, could benefit from the following Secrets of great Friendship.

                         7 Ultimate Secrets To Great Friendship

1. Accept Others: Accept people at home, church, college and working places, on the way accept people.

You need to be encouraged, built up, achieve your life dreams and accepted by others. Good friends know that. Good friends accept people the way they are. you must appreciate and praise the uniqueness of others. And allow your friends the freedom to be themselves.

2. Listen Up: No matter who we are, we all are working for a listening ear. A friend of mine who was voted most popular girl in the Oke-ogun polytechnic Saki Tops, once told me the secret to her popularity. Simply this: "I listen" from an early age her father had taught her that "everyone on earth is at least just a little bit lonely".

I love that advice. An old Spanish proverbs says, "Two great talkers will not travel far together". How true.

There is no better friendship booster than the ability to listen. The ability to show genuine interest in others is an admirable quality of a true friend.

3. Keep Secrets: Nothing destroys friendship than the arrow of gossip. many people live by the rule, " If you haven't gotten anything nice to say about nobody come sit next to me. But when you gossip you violate God commandment".

"Gossip betrays confidence, so avoid a man who talks too much".Real friends speak well of you behind your back. They are known as people who won't receive gossip, nor will they pass it on.

A closed mouth gathers no foul, Good friends aren't just there to listen to our secrets; they keep them.

4. Sharpen Up: As the word of God tells us that we are to sharpen each other. "as iron sharpens iron"
Years ago a good friend of mine took me out for a drink one evening. "Tochukwu", he said as we discussed together, "its not fun for me to tell you this, but since we talked the other night I've felt i need to confront you about something". I sat my fork down and listened up. "Sometime you have a real problem with gossip. And it's not helping anyone". Hearing this i was offended, but i didn't show it.

But the more i thought about it the more i realise that he was right. Today i consider him to be one of my best friend.

"Words from a friend can be trusted" because our best friend stab us in front. it's true. Those who provoke change in us do so because they care enough to tell us the principal truth about ourselves  and mix it with a generous dose of love.

5. Practise Forgiveness: It is impossible for me to overstate the importance of forgiveness in friendship. whether we are the one who hurts or the one who did the hurting, good friends humble themselves enough to admit when they are wrong.

And good friends forgive. In fact, the gifts of forgiveness is often the best gift we can offer a friend.

6. Focus Upward: There's an old Turkish proverbs that goes like this: "He who seeks a faultless friend is friendless". How true. Friend fail us, don;t they? people disappoint.

And when we expect too much from our earthly friendships, we damage them.

Ironically, those who seek joy only in human friendship will end up lonely. The true joy of our lives will come from the most important relationship of all: our relationship with God in loving Him, we learn to love our earthly friends better.

7. Be Available And Be There: Availability is the first step to a successful and a great friendship. There's nothing like sickness or bankruptcy to help us remember who our real friends are.

Like house plants, friendship grows slowly over time and require constant watering. " Friendship that last a life time require nurturing, kindness, and a listening ear. Those who make such an investment find that it pays off all through the years.

I have found that life is richer, the horizon is brighter, and the road to our life dream is shorter when travel with a few good friends. Great Friendship Pays.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

3 Qualities That Makes A Person Successful And Fulfilled In Life With The Right Dream

3 Qualities That Makes A Person Successful And Fulfilled In Life With The Right Dream

What it takes to be successful in life are hard to discover. In this article i will tell you 
what it takes and how to fulfill your ambition and pursuit, and become a successful person.
What makes a person Successful
What makes a person Successful.
1. You Have To Have A Dream: You have to have an ambition, aspire to make a difference in life. You have to have one at least. Your dream will shape your life to greatness.

Some dreams require millions of dollars to become a reality, others require a packet full of seeds.
Some dreams are positive, productive, moral dreams designed to help people accomplish noble purpose.

The power of dreams is that all purpose have the power to exists the imagination. Imagination in turn sparks inspiration. And inspiration is what motivates us. A dream creates dream energy.

Your dream will be different... unique, yours. But it will give you the clear focus, energy and excitement that every successful person has.

Your life values, skills and experience will help shape your dream.

Dreams Make A Daily Difference

Without Dreams
A person flops out of bed in the morning
Drifts through the day
Jump into bed at night
Frustrated at the lack of significant life progress.

With Dreams
A person jumps out of bed in the morning
Focus on priority next steps
Flops into bed at night...
Thankful for any bit of progress towards the dream.

This website is the result of practical day to day experience. I know what it is to have a dream. I know what it is to lose a dream. And i know what it is to get a dream back. Subscribe Now!

2. You Have To Have A Positive Attitude: Change your negative attitude, change your life and rise above the sun.

Successful people make use of positive attitude to their own advantage, so you can do so too. It gives you the willpower to pursue your dream during hard times.

Positive attitude gives you the power and mental strength to convert failure to success. 

The Secret of positive attitude is that it empowers you with strong determination to fight against failure.

3. You Have To Have The Right Vehicle To See Your Dream Become Real: These where most dreamers and purposeful people fail in achieving their life dream and ambition.

You don't need negative people who says " it won't work, it will never work, I've never seen that." All you need is an encouraging environment, encouraging friends, clear dream and time to grow.

The right vehicle you need to see your become reality, is the water of encouragement. It is very important.

Search for the balcony people: They are the people in your life who are always above you, not looking down on you but looking to cheer you up, looking to bring you up and encourage you to reach at the top.

They always see your higher potential, your greater strength, and whats really in your heart. They like to help you see your dreams and help you get there.

Caution: Look for balcony people and stay away from basement people, who are always dragging you down, always getting you discouraged and depressed by telling you negative stuff or telling you why your dream won't work.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

7 Facts That Are Typical True Of Your Life Dream And Ambition

7 Facts That Are Typical True Of Your Life Dream And Ambition

The reason for this blog post is to help you know the truth about your life aims and aspirations.

                                 Seven Facts That are Commonly True Of A Life Dream
7 Facts That Are Typical Of Your Life Dream And Ambition
flickr image

1. Your life aspiration will energise a deep and burning desire to fulfil a need you feel or experience: A life target is when you aim for something and have the passion to spend the time, energy, money to achieve that goal.

One of the ways to define your dream would be "What are the goals or objective of that aim most likely to make me weep or pound the table? Which area of your life do you get emotionally about?
These are the areas in which you will probably discover your life ambition.

2. Your life pursuit will energise your single greatest Strenght: What do you aspire to Do and Be? What do you do Best? In this things you do best, you will find that your life ambition requires that great strenght you possess. The truth of the matter is that if you can identify your greatest strenght, your have no problem defining your life aim and dream.

3. Your Life Pursuit will be consistent with years of values: Your life aim and objectives will  not be a radical change from what you've been thinking of for years.

4. Your Purpose Will Not Make Sense To Or Motivate Some People: Don't doubt me if i tell you that your dream may seem so dull to some people, your life dream doesn't need to motivate anybody, it is your purpose. Am writing this article because it's part of my purpose to strengthen you and help you see your aims become reality.

Your Life Pursuit could also be called your life passion. your life ambition is what you feel passionate about for your whole life.

5. Your Life Dream Will Define the Significant Difference You want To Make: A life purpose is a call to rise above the mediocre, the average, and the mundane to make a significant difference in life.

6. Your Life aspiration is unlimited: As i said earlier, once you find your life purpose. it's like being on sixteen-lane autobahn going fifty years into the future with no speed limit and nothing to hold you back. You will have a sense of unlimited energy for the future once you tap into your life purpose.

7. Your Life Dream Will Be An Ever-Present Internal Reward System: If your ambition is building a mansion, every roof you put in that mansion is a reward because you know you have made progress in the direction of your dream.

Every time you do something that adds value to or makes progress in the direction of your purpose, there's an internal sense of reward.

Enough Talk About Life Dreams- Lets Define Your!..Please Subscribe And Get Cool Updates.

3 Simple Habits That Leads To Spiritual Death But Alive Physically

3 Simple Habits That Leads To Spiritual Death But Alive Physically

Like it or not, some people are living daily but in their inner being they are dead, And it takes grace to revive their Spiritual life back.

Some us are dead spiritually but physically we are alive eating and drinking. Yes, you can be physically healthy and okay, but spirtually you have critical cancerous disease that is eating you up.

                              Spiritual Death
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The word of God says, "What happens spiritually controls what happens pysically".

The word also say, " God is a spirit and they that worhip him must worship him in spirit and in truth".You have to understand that your stolen laughter was first tampered with spiritually before it manifested physically.

Your lost glory, honour, promotion was first devoured spiritually before it manifested physically. So therefore, your faliure has nothing to do with physical being, "why" if you are spiritually okay, you will automatically succeed physically. "life principles" Until you discover you have a problem they can't be a recovery.

Life is all about principles, and only those who know and understand the principles and apply it succeed in life.

Who Do You Serve? God or the devil. you can drop your answer at the commentary box after reading this article.
                                                3 Habit That Destroys Your Life Dream Spiritually

1. Prayerlessness: Satan has no business on how many people read and study about prayer if only he can stop them from praying.

Seven days without prayer makes you weak, fourteen days without prayer makes you dead already. if you don't pray, you turn to a prey in the hands of your enemies.

Prayer will stop you from sinning, and sin will stop you from praying; the choice is yours to make.

Prayerlessness is spiritual death. And when you are spiritually dead, physically you are empty and powerless.

Prayer is the key to spiritual health, spiritual alertness determines your success physically. it is said that the canal being cannot understand the things of the spirit. Pray, pray and pray. your spiritual life matters alot in your life dream and ambition.

You eat and drink to  nourish your physical body. And do you ever think of your spiritual being. well, you can only nourish that by prayer and fasting and meditating on GOD'S word.

Lust: Who owns your heart? I asked a question earlier "Who do you serve?. Don't leave these question unanswered please.

The dictionary defined lust as showing strong sexual desire when love is not involved. My own definition of lust is Wickedness, greediness, hatred bacause there is no love in it.

                                       Two lustful Habits That Destroys Our Spiritual Life

1. Fornication: Famous weapon of the devil, life purpose and destinies has been aborted through this act. Some of us, enjoy fornicating and some of us can't go a week without out fornicating.

Youths of this present century define it as love. When you fornicate, spiritually you are selling your greatness and birthright.

2. Masturbation: Lust of the heart, Sexual desire when love is not involved. Some us develop this habit right from our young age and got addicted to it.

Once you are addicted to masturbation, it takes only God's grace to be free from it. i have an article i read earlier this year that will help you to Stop Masturbation.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Three Major Expenses That Leads To Debt

Three Major Expenses That Leads To Debt

common errors that leads to debt
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A common thread that leads to debt in most cases is lack of thorough planning.
Sometimes this flaws is amplified by ignorance or indulgence, but without some kind of financial plan (budget) you won't realise that you have a problem until it overwhelms you.

There are three common ways many people get into untimely and dangerous debt
1. The Purchase Of A Home: Nearly every young couples and people or every family, dreams of owning their own home.

The term 'owning' is used loosely here because what that means for most people or couples is paying a mortage. So the common definition of owning is "as opposed to renting".

Many people, young dudes, couples and family try to buy a home too soon, or pay too much and end up in financial trouble called debt. unfortunately, quite often you don't realise that owning the home created your financial troubles because it took large a portion of their spendable income.

If you can afford to purchase a home within your budget, that makes sense. But if you wreck your budget Just to get into a home, build a home and buy a home, that makes no sense at all.

The compulsion we have for buying large, expensive homes is just a reflection of poor stewardship in general.

2. Car Purchase: This days, every young dude, families, millionaires, entrepreneurs wants to own and ride flashy cars.

The second most common source of debt is the purchase of a new car. Quite often some people who can't afford to buy new home decide on buying a new car as a compromise. unfortunately it's not a good compromise because cars now sell for prices that houses are sold for twenty five years ago.

Warning: Buying expensive cars has placed bondage on many young couples and entrepreneurs even young people.

However, if you have your finances under control and save for the cost of a new car, it is your decision whether or not to buy one. One person may think a new car is bad, while other may think it represent better value. But the one thing neither of them can disagree about is that when you borrow money to buy a car you are going to become liable for the loan which leads to debt.

3. Scheduled Disaster: It is failing to plan for predictable expenses that haven't come due yet. failure to plan for a scheduled disaster is the major reason many people end up in debt.

Why do intelligent people fail to anticipate known expenses? Because when they try to work them into their spending plan (Budget) they don't fit.

lastly, Debt is a cancer in the heart of the debtor that eats's up the happiness and comfort of the person.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

List Of 12 Life changing  And Destiny Dream Questions To ask Yourself Before Giving Up On Your Dream

List Of 12 Life changing And Destiny Dream Questions To ask Yourself Before Giving Up On Your Dream

These questions to ask yourself about life will help you in defining your life dream. It will also help you to find out who you are and what your life passions are.

These list of questions to ask yourself will spark up a new idea, thought, or direction in your mind and heart.
Giving up on your dream questions
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If you don’t have a reason to start somewhere else, just start with number one and go through to the last number of these life changing questions.

1.    What do you want to leave behind when you die?

When you’re trying define your life dream ask yourself, what do i really want to leave behind? What will outlast, outlive me?
2.    What will i like to be written on my gravestone?

3.    What would you like to be remembered for at the end of your life?
Martin Luther was known as the leader of Reformation. At the end of your life what would you like to be know for?

4.    What three measurable things (goals reached or problem solved) do you want to achieve before you die?

This is one of the the most important question you can ask yourself. In asking this question you can also tell whether you are self focused or others focused.

5.    How do you envision and picture yourself at age, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 88, 95, 100, 105?

This is a provoking question. It ask you to imagine where you will be years from today. You can’t answer this question if you don’t a have life dream.

Asking yourself questions like this allows you to make corrections that lead you to a fulfilling life dream.

6.    What do you most want to change in life?

7.    What difference are you committed to make in life?

8.    If God gives you the opportunity to do anything; you had unlimited – time, money and energy, what would you do?

This question helps you look past the imaginary roadblocks in your mind to what may be your life dream and how you can fulfill  your destiny dream.

9.    What is the focus of your life?
If you could put into  a single word the focus of all of your life strength, what would the single word be?

10.     Are you currently focused on success, survival, or significance?

Yes, a lot of people are focused on success and others are focused on survival. Others are focused on significance: “ making  a difference.

Where is the focal point of most of your strength? Is it day to day, paycheck to paycheck survival? Is it being successful? Or is it making a significance difference?

11.     What is your life passion?
What gives you super emotional fuel? Passion differs from dream. A dream is your long-term emotional commitment; your passion is a strong but possibly temporary feeling.

A passion can also be a key indicator of the area in which you might find your dream e.g career dream, destiny dream, professional dream, social dream, spiritual dream e.t.c.

12.    Why do you think you are existing on earth now?
Why are you here now? What are you to accomplish that couldn’t be accomplished, if you weren’t here at this time.

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